An unforgetable visit

When should you visit Portugal

The small country on the far most southwestern tip of Europe has spite it’s size a lot to offer. Prices are pretty acceptable, landscape is simply gorgeous, cities and folks welcoming. All you have to do is decide when to visit Portugal with the best weather.

What’s today in town

For those of you looking for a night out in Porto or Lisbon, there’s a lot to choose from! See here our choices.

Guimarães, european capital of culture

Guimarães is a lovely old city in the north of Portugal about 55km away from Porto. It’s ans historically important city for Portugal, as it is commonly considered the birth of the country. Being a small city it is quite easy to visit, but this year there is an additional … Continue reading

A day trip in Porto

Come visit Porto for a day or two. You’ll definitely enjoy it! It’s not only the city, the granite buildings, its the people, the relative easiness of life (even though there’s a crisis!), it’s its vibrant night life that shakes the center of the city and its old UNESCO Heritage center, it’s … Continue reading

Fado – Carminho

Carminho, a fado singer with a wonderful voice full of feeling and depth. This is a video of a fado by her. Listen…

Just try these when in Portugal

Places in Portugal

All the places and points of interest that should not be missed in any trip to Portugal. Choose where you wanto to go from the north to the south of Portugal

Where to stay in Portugal

From the most exclusive to the small family owned hostel to stay all over Portugal

Portuguese food

What should you eat and drink while in Portugal. There's a myriad of delicacies for you to try.

What to do in Portugal

Be it spa, a hike, beach relax, you name it. There are a ton of stuff to do here.
Portugal is a small but rich and very diverse country. You can start from the north and just go unfolding this little corner of Europe tasting, seeing, comunicating. It can only be a unique and memorable experience.
Not to miss in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Braga; Geres National Park; Montesnho National Park; river Zezere; Serra da Estrela mountain range; Douro wine area; atlantica coast and it's beaches; the Algarve; Madeira and so much more!